Bridging the Gap Webinar

On January 24, 2021, ICJW held a webinar discussion to continue the conversation about involving younger women in the work of our organization and our affiliates. We invited three of the young women who were featured in our 2020 Newsletter to address the topic of “Bridging the Gap” between younger women and women’s organizations.

Over 70 women participated in the webinar, from ICJW affiliates all over the world. They were able to ask their questions and share their thoughts in the Chat panel of the webinar.

The photo above shows four of the participants: Alina Bricman (top left), Alicia Amiga (top right), moderator Lisa Schewitz (bottom left) and Hadassah Nakisa (bottom right).

If you were unable to watch our zoom webinar “Bridging the Gap” live, you can watch it here: