South Africa and Israel at the ICJ

In January 2024, the South African Government brought a case of genocide against Israel in the International Court of Justice. Bev Goldman, President of ICJW’s South African affiliate, the Union of Jewish Women, explains why. In a brutal and savage attack, thousands of Hamas-led terrorists burst into Israel on October 7, rampaging through communities and […]

Celebrating Girls

Monday October 11, 2021 is the International Day of the Girl Child. This year’s theme is: Digital Generation. Our Generation.   In December 2011 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66 /170  which declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child. Over the past twenty-six years there has been a deliberate global […]

Ukraine legislates against antisemitism

Eleonora Groisman, President of the ICJW-affiliated Ukrainian Independent Council of Jewish Women, reports on the new antisemitism law adopted by the Parliament of the Ukraine. The Parliament of Ukraine (called the Verkhovna Rada) adopted the law in the second reading, September 22. The law is very important, it is designed to counteract various forms and […]

COVID-19 and Tackling Climate Change

The COVID-19 pandemic offers governments around the world new possibilities to build green and just recovery projects addressing their health and economic challenges, to change course to avoid locking in dangerous levels of coal, oil, and gas production. According to the 2020 Production Gap Report released by the UN, the world needs to decrease fossil […]

Jewish Women Society of Malmö, Sweden

ICJW welcomes the Jewish Women Society of Malmö, Sweden, to our family of affiliates. Known in Swedish as Judiska Kvinnosällskapet, the Jewish Women Society was established in 2016 with the goal of promoting the female Jewish community and Jewish family identity by organizing events that favor women’s empowerment, further developing knowledge of themes related to […]

Federación Femenina de la Comunidadad Judía, Mexico

Federacion Femenina de la Comunidad Judia de Mexico (Female Federation of the Mexican Jewish Community) was formed in March 1969 in order to unite all the female voluntary organizations working within the Mexican Jewish community, in order to encourage unity and coordinate all of their activities. The Federation represents 26 affiliated organizations, while respecting their […]

Meeting Women from Around the World

Report on the UN Commission on the Status of Women Reported by Madeleine Brecher, Fran Butensky, Penelope Conway, Joan Lurie Goldberg, Judy Mintz, & Sara Winkowski The two weeks of CSW63 in March 2019 were packed with trainings, deliberations,  regional meetings, government and civil society events, and lots of networking AND socializing. In our brief […]

Union of Jewish Women of Uganda

The Union of Jewish Women of Uganda represents the women of the Abayudaya tribe in the villages of Putti and Nasenyi in Eastern Uganda in East Africa. Their community, the Kahal Kadosh Shearit Yisrael, has been practicing Judaism with assistance from the American Jewish community. However, during the presidency of Idi Amin, Judaism was outlawed […]

ICJW Greece

ICJW Greece is based in Athens. Their chair is Efti Simha, who represents ICJW at the United Nations in Geneva, and their president is Augustine Almyroudi. Their goal is to establish a Jewish community center known as “Mind Space” in Athens where people of all ages can meet, work and study.  They also plan to […]

Consejo Uruguayo de Mujeres Judias

The Council of Jewish Women of Uruguay was founded in 1966 by two visionary women, Clarita Pelenur and Dora Prusky with the support and help of Dr. Rosita de Herczeg. They immediately affiliated to the International Council of Jewish Women. From the very beginning, the objectives aimed to  train and organize voluntary work as well […]