Esther’s House Association

The following are the current projects of the Esther’s House Association in Hungary: Organizing story-reading events and promoting the recently published book “Daughters, Mothers – Untold Stories by Jewish Women”.  The readers / presenters are Holocaust survivor women and “daughters” from the 2nd generation. Working on the English translation of this book (through Brandeis University) […]

Jewish Women’s Federation

The Jewish Women’s Federation (Jüdischer Frauenbund or JFB) was founded in 1904 by Bertha Pappenheim as a religious organisation for Jewish women. She helped to unify Germany’s various Jewish social work groups in Germany into a central council (ZWST). She advocated strongly against the trafficking of women, shocking the very conservative Jewish community which did […]

Lea – Jewish Women’s Organization of Georgia

The ICJW affiliate in Georgia is the LEA International Foundation which affiliated with ICJW in 2000. The organization is run by volunteers, led by a board and a president, and has approximately 110 members. LEA consists of: Youth and Children Department; Georgian Jewish Information Center; Jewish Women’s Council; A network of different NGO leaders (including a large […]

Coopération Féminine

The Coopération Féminine is an association of volunteer Jewish women in France and is affiliated with the Fonds Social Juif Unifié (FSJU) The Coopération Féminine is involved in social, cultural and educational fields. Its main activities are: – Visits to lonely seniors – Visits to prisoners in Paris area prisons – Help for children with learning difficulties […]

Sociedad Femenina Israelita de Quito

The Sociedad Femenina Israelita de Quito was founded in 1939. Its main objective was to help the Jewish refugees that came to Ecuador after leaving Europe to escape the Nazi terror. 76 years later they are still active. Even though they keep on helping members of the Jewish community who are in need, most of their energy […]

Czech Council of Jewish Women (CCJW)

The Czech Council of Jewish Women (CCJW) is headquartered in the city of Prague. PROGRAM PRIORITIES: Discovering Jewish traditions which were lost and revitalizing our community. Vigilance about racism & injustice and protesting against racial intolerance in our country. Caring about the fate of Israel CCJW Website: E-mail: [email protected] Phone:  +420 602310449 Contact: Alice Veselá

Asociacion Femenina de Cuba

The first Jewish women’s organization in Cuba was founded in 1917 as the Ezra Societ-Menora Sisterhood, and the “Yidisher Froein Farin”, today known as the Asociación Femenina Hebrea de Cuba – ICJW’s affiliate on the island – was founded in 1926. They are based at the Patronato de la Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba, the Jewish […]

Union of Jewish Women of Croatia

The Union of Jewish Women in Croatia is almost the only organization in the Jewish community in Croatia which has resisted and persisted through all deep political, social and economical changes in country and community. Our members are predominantly from the older generation, but younger women are more present in the leadership of community, and we […]

Las Damas Voluntarias de Bnai Israel, Costa Rica

Las Damas Voluntarias de Bnai Israel is the Sisterhood of the Congregation B’nei Israel, a liberal community founded in 1987 in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is one of the strongest and longest-existing arms of the congregation, led by president Florencia Gelman. It has its own by-laws and finances itself by means of fund-raising activities […]

Fundacion Amigos de la Comunidad Golda Meir

The President of the  Fundación Amigos De La Comunidad Golda Meir in Colombia is Lotty Eidelman. This affiliate has organized 3 workshops for the Latin American region of ICJW, and they are also very active in local community affairs. In 2017, the Foundation set up the Golda Meir Community Development Center (CDC) which provides an oasis of […]