Psychological Reflections

Gadi Lifshitz, Deputy CEO of Aluma Israel Family Counselling Association gives a psychological reflection on the ground in Israel during these difficult times after October 7th. Aluma is a psychotherapy treatment center specialising mainly in couple and family therapy. About 25 therapists work at the center: some are experts while others are in the process […]

Where are the Women’s Voices?

by Bev Goldman, President of our South Africa affiliate, the Union of Jewish Women. Rape and other forms of sexual violence are prohibited under international humanitarian haw in all armed conflicts. Humanitarian law also clearly prohibits rape in internal conflicts. Rape committed or tolerated by any party to a non-international conflict is prohibited by Common […]

Journalism that Glorifies Evil

By Silvia Cherem Last month, the Reynolds Institute of Journalism at the University of Missouri granted its Photo of the Year award for the “Team Photographic Story of the Year” to what they called an iconic picture. It is the image taken by Ali Mahmud in the south of Israel on October 7, published by the […]

Speaking Up for Israeli Women

Sheila Katz, CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, USA affiliate of ICJW National Council of Jewish Women has been working to draw attention to and condemn the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas in Israel on October 7th. Through their special hearing at the United Nations and their hearing in Congress, they engaged over […]

The Feminist Betrayal

By Pillar Rahola The world changed on October 7th. Or perhaps it had changed before and the terrifying Hamas pogrom showed its worst wretchedness.  Be it as it may, October 7 started with a double tragedy that shocked humanity hearts: the tragedy of entire families, young people, children, ordinary people slaughtered, plus the rapes, the […]

Education of Hate

by Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem For years I have sought to amplify the work of experts on the topic of UNRWA’s curriculum of incitement that attempts to turn hatred for Jews and the Jewish state into an education in math and history. Since October 7th, we have seen that past calls to defund […]

Israel At War

By Rabbi Angela Buchdahl of Central Synagogue of New York. Ein Milim. There are no words. This was the refrain I heard over and over from Israeli family and friends as I reached out to them in the days following what we now know was the largest, most vicious massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. Hamas […]