Working with the National Democratic Institute on Building Coalitions

Dr. Katalin Pécsi-Pollner runs ICJW’s Hungary affiliate Esther’s House Association and represents them on the NDI program, together with representatives from ICJW’s affiliates from Poland, and the Czech Republic. Five ICJW women met up last week at the NDI coalition-building conference in Prague. Katalin explains the background to the event. The National Democratic Institute The […]

UN Elder Abuse Day – Raising Awareness

UN Elder Abuse Day on June 15, 2023 is an opportunity to raise awareness about this increasing phenomenon. The theme is:  “Closing the Circle: Addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Older Age Policy, Law and Evidence-based Responses”. What is Elder Abuse? According to World Health Organization, elder abuse can be defined as “a single, or repeated […]

World Environment Day

ICJW’s Co-Chair for Environment & Sustainable Development, Dr. Joan Lurie, explains how political compromise can destroy our best intentions to save the planet. We are all aware that the planet is in trouble.  In some cases, we know what to fix and even how to fix it.  But that does not happen – often, political […]

Important Events in Geneva

Mary Liling and Léonie de Picciotto represent ICJW in Geneva. Here are their reports on just two of the events that they have attended recently. CEDAW Report Launch Mary and Léonie were invited by Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari to attend a launch event on May 12, 2023, for the second edition of “The UN Convention on […]

Meeting in Zurich

ICJW’s Executive will meet in May in Zurich, hosted by our Swiss affiliate the Swiss Union of Jewish Women’s Organizations. The participants will explore the city and hear about local organizations including the Swiss Jewish Refugee and Welfare Organization. Members of the executive will report on the work of their affiliates and committees, including reports […]

Technology & Education: Public and Private Partnerships Around the World

ICJW co-sponsored a parallel event at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York, under the auspices of the CSW67 Forum, together with co-sponsors Generations United and World ORT.  Under the title “Technology and Education: Public and Private Partnerships around the world, the speakers discussed educational partnerships in Israel, the USA, […]

International Women’s Day

Message from Robyn Lenn OAM, Chair of the ICJW Status of Women Committee  March 8 is a date which should be known by every woman in every country! It is important to you, to all women, and to our organisations. It is the date on which International Women’s Day has been celebrated all over the world […]

Women’s Rights in Israel

The International Council of Jewish Women expresses support for the struggle of the women’s organizations in Israel and stands united in opposition to the planned reform of Israel’s judicial system. Version en español en la parte inferior.  The proposed radical transformation of power between the branches of government will have direct dire consequences for Israeli […]

2023 Holocaust Remembrance and Education

Dr. Joan Lurie Goldberg and Judy Mintz, ICJW Representatives to the United Nations in New York, participated in a number of events to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day in January 2023. Here is their report. Outreach Program on the Holocaust: Theme:  Home and Belonging Exploring how victims adjusted their ideas of “home” and “belonging” as […]

Fighting against antisemitism & racism

English follows Spanish 27 de enero – Día Internacional de Conmemoración del Holocausto – día de la lucha contra el antisemitismo y el racismo. En noviembre de 2005, las Naciones Unidas (ONU) aprobaron una resolución que se establecía que el 27 de enero se marcara como el día de recordación mundial del Holocausto. En la […]