Dinah & Gender-Based Violence

ICJW and the Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network (CJWN) are asking Jewish communities around the world to focus on the Biblical story of Dinah, read on Shabbat November 20, and the wider issue of gender-based violence today.

The CJWN, established by the Commonwealth Jewish Council (CJC), is a network representing the women in the Jewish communities of over 40 countries, connect them and raising awareness of relevant issues. Their first project is focused on the elimination of family and gender-based violence. They are asking all Rabbis to use the story of Dinah for their sermons on November 20th and encourage their congregants to talk about the issue around their Shabbat tables.

Coincidentally the United Nations has designated 25 November to 10 December 2021 as 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Ilona Lee AM, Chair of the CJWN Social Action Group, explains: “The 16 Days of Activism campaign creates a fantastic opportunity to have conversations about respect, equality, and the role we can play in helping to end violence.” Suggested subjects for conversation around the topic include:

  • What does respect look like in a relationship?
  • Has there ever been a time when you felt unsafe because of your gender?
  • What are some of the expectations we have for men and women in society? How are they different? Is there a connection between our expectations and the way we respond to a violent incident?
  • What are the impacts of blaming the victim of violence? What is our responsibility in calling this out?
  • Do you think the world would look different if men and women were equally represented in leadership roles? In what way?
  • Dinah has no voice in this parsha; in what ways are women silenced in our world today?

To learn more about the 16 Days of Activism, visit https://www.unwomen.org/…/e…/take-action/16-days-of-activism