Lea – Jewish Women’s Organization of Georgia

The ICJW affiliate in Georgia is the LEA International Foundation which affiliated with ICJW in 2000. The organization is run by volunteers, led by a board and a president, and has approximately 110 members.

LEA consists of:

  • Youth and Children Department;
  • Georgian Jewish Information Center;
  • Jewish Women’s Council;
  • A network of different NGO leaders (including a large spectrum of Jewish and different ethnic minorities, IDPs) who exchange information between women’s organizations and other NGOs.

The goal and objectives of the organization is to promote the development of gender equality and the status of women in the Jewish community of Georgia and different ethnic minority communities; to develop Jewish cultural heritage, Jewish education and inter-cultural dialogue; to prevent anti-Semitism; and to facilite social-economic,ecological and humanitarian programs.

LEA’s activities include:

  • Free legal consultations by young volunteer advocates for Jewish and other Minority Groups
  • Seminars & training programs,
  • Cultural meetings,
  • Curriculum development programs for professionals,
  • Courses on Human Rights education to improving the educational laws for women and youth etc.
Website: www.itic.org.ge/lea
President: Marine Solomonishvili
Address:  19 Nishnianidze str, 0105 Tbilisi ,Georgia
Tel: 99532 2985896
Email: leasol(at)hotmail.com