Facing the Aftermath: Recovery and Reconstitution after the Holocaust

Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, 2021, focused on the theme “Facing the Aftermath: Recovery and Reconstitution after the Holocaust”. The United Nations in New York ran virtual remembrance and educational events during January and February that were viewed around the world.

The theme of the program was the measures taken in the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust to begin the process of recovery and reconstitution of individuals, community, and systems of justice. Integral to the process of reconstitution was the accurate recording of the historical account of what happened before and during the Holocaust. Challenging the denial and distortion of the historical events was interwoven in the processes of recovery and reconstitution. The theme examined the contribution of the responses to the victims of the Holocaust, and the survivors, to addressing the needs of the contemporary world, and to the historical record of the Holocaust.

Against a global context of rising antisemitism and increasing levels of disinformation and hate speech, Holocaust education and remembrance is even more urgent, as is the development of an historical literacy to counter repeated attempts to deny and distort the history of the Holocaust.

ICJW representatives attended and reported on the following events:

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  • Panel Discussion: Women and Genocide
  • United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony
  • Panel Discussion: Holocaust Denial and Distortion
  • Panel Discussion: The Nazi Rise to Power and the Weimar Constitution
  • Civil Society Briefing: Childhood after Atrocity Crimes: Hope for Peace, Dignity and Equality
  • Film Screening & Discussion: “The Windermere Children

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