“It’s Time”: Women Wage Peace

Mary Liling represented ICJW at the “It’s Time” Peace Event organized by Women Wage Peace in Tel Aviv.

Mary Liling is ICJW’s representative at the UN in Geneva and at the Council of Europe. This is her report.

“On Monday July 1, I attended the first huge rally and Peace Event in Israel since October 7, entitled “It’s Time”.  I received the invitation as a supporter of Women Wage Peace. More than 50 peace organizations and peace makers were present. The invitation to the event explained that its aim was to bring Israel back to the path of peace, as there is no other way:

“Almost nine months of war, grief and bloodshed have not led us to a safer life. It is hard for all of us to imagine the day after the war while 120 women, men and 2 toddlers are still held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, and over a hundred thousand Israelis are displaced from their homes. It is hard for all of us to imagine the day after the war, following the death of so many innocent people in Gaza and the ongoing suffering of those who lost everything. But it is imperative. The current crisis and the long-term vision are intertwined. If a diplomatic plan for the aftermath had been in place, the hostages might have been returned, and many soldiers’ and civilians’ lives could have been spared.

Together, we will call for the return of the hostages, the end of the war, and the beginning of a journey toward a long-term political agreement. The extremists in the government want to drag us into endless war, but they will not succeed. We, who love life, will prevail!”

“We heard powerful speeches (particularly the one by Yuval Noah Harari) terrific music (Achinoam Nini-Noa and Yael Deckelbaum), and moving testimonies. It was extremely well organized with one exception: no media coverage with the  exception of a small article in Ha’aretz.

One wonders what kind of an impact this hopeful event can have?”