Federación Femenina de la Comunidadad Judía

The Women’s Federation of the Mexican Jewish Community was formed in March 1969, born of the need to unite all the women’s organizations of Jewish volunteers in Mexico who work within the Jewish community, in order to co-ordinate all their activities and unite them.

Today, the FFCJM represents 26 affiliated organizations, respecting their individual autonomy. The organization is recognized and supported by the Central Committee of the Jewish community of Mexico and by all other Jewish community organizations as the representative body for various women’s organizations.

Its affiliates are:

  • Atid School
  • Bet El Community
  • Bet HaLojem
  • Bet HaYeladim School
  • CIM ORT School
  • Keren Hayesod Women’s Division
  • Eishel
  • Froein Farein
  • Glam
  • Kehila Ashkenazi Community
  • Keren Kayemet
  • Lev Le Lev Bet El Foundation
  • Maguen David Community
  • Maguen David School
  • Monte Sinai School
  • Na’amat
  • Ose
  • Sefaradi Community
  • Colegio Sefaradi School
  • Tarbut School
  • Monte Sinai Community
  • Voluntarias Judeo Mexicanas
  • Yavne School
  • Yad Vashem
  • Yajad Le Maan A Jayal
  • WIZO

President Sharon Charabati says: “It is a great honor for FFCJM to represent these organizations. We applaud their will, affection and perseverance, and above all, their unconditional and tireless work for the benefit of our community, Israel and Mexico.”