Pluralistic Activism in Prague

During  2018, the Czech Council of Jewish Women has been part of a democratic pluralism project for national minorities, supported by the US National Democratic Institute (NDI). It currently includes participants from the Jewish, Roma, Muslim and African communities from 4 countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia.


As reported in E-Links 2017, the goal of the project was to build an interfaith and multicultural coalition of minorities in Central Europe, and then to develop responses to xenophobia and religious-based discrimination by nurturing pluralistic activism in each country and in the region.

Alice Veselá participated on behalf of ICJW’s Czech affiliate. She attended workshops in Bratislava, Krakow and Brussels and then helped to organize workshops for Jewish, Roma and Muslim university students in the Czech Republic. The students who participated are now implementing the project in their own countries and sharing their experience in their own communities.