Prostitution & Human Trafficking – a Feminist Jewish Perspective

The  second Bea Zucker Social Justice course by Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer Kossoy is a Jewish response to the problems presented by prostitution and human trafficking today, with 4 units available in both English and Spanish.

One of the major debates among feminists is whether prostitution should be legalized or abolished. At the heart of the debate is a conflict about how best to advocate for women and empower them to take more agency over their lives. Feminists share common goals of ensuring that the human rights of women everywhere are upheld, and striving to improve their overall quality of life, but they are divided over the best legislative approach to achieve these aims.  Should prostitution be seen as a professional choice and therefore legalized, regulated, and made safe for women? Or, because the sex trade inevitably results in violence against and dehumanization of women and encourages human trafficking, should it not be enabled under any circumstances?

Click on these links to download the 4 study units for this course in English:

  1. Tamar & the Timeless Characteristics of Prostitution
  2. The Human Trafficking Ecosystem & the 10 Commandments
  3. Sexual Abuse & Prostitution: A Symbiotic Relationship
  4. The Abolitionist Model: Prostituted Women as Victims

Click here for the Spanish course.