These three important observances in the global Jewish calendar will take place within the next fortnight. In our Jewish communities around the world, but especially in Israel, these commemorations are marked by community gatherings, to ensure that we, as Jews, remember our past century which forever changed Jewish history.


Members of the ICJW family of Jewish women in 35 countries had very different experiences during the 20th Century. Among our Executive and membership we include women who survived concentration camps and those who were hidden children, those whose families were decimated during the Holocaust.


On Yom HaShoah our thoughts and prayers go to them and to all Jews who lost families in the Shoah.


On Yom HaZikaron we join with fellow Jews all over the world to remember fallen Jewish soldiers in Israel, to recognise that their sacrifice and bravery have enabled the safety and development of the State of Israel since its establishment. On this day we also remember victims of terrorism in Israel.


Yom HaAtzmaut is the anniversary commemorating the Israeli Declaration of  Independence in 1948. This is the 70th year since that date and will be marked by special events and celebrations all over the world.

Robyn Lenn OAM
President, ICJW