Swiss Union Centenary

Irene Scheiner and Mirjam Cahn report on the celebration of the 100th Jubilee Assembly of the Delegates of the Swiss Union of Jewish Women’s Organisations

On 9th June, 2024, the Swiss Union of Jewish Women’s Organisations celebrated 100 years with a great event with prominent speakers.

After greetings and an introduction by one of our presidential committee members, Chana Berlowitz, life-member of ICJW, delivered an excellent Dvar Tora, Tikun Olam in a deeper Jewish sense: “It is not up to you to finish the work, but you cannot withdraw from it” (Pirke Awot/Rabbi Tarfon) in a proper sense: repairing the world – this is what our women’s organisations are doing all over – everywhere in the world and it will never be completed.

Ifat Reshef, the Ambassador of Israel in Switzerland, then Jacques Lande, the President of the Jewish Community Zurich (ICZ), followed by Alice Vesela, ICJW European Chair. Furthermore, Nadja Gut, the representative of the Swiss Jews delivered a speech, as well as prominent delegates of the local Jewish women’s leagues and the representatives of the Catholic and Protestant women spoke. 

The main speech was delivered by Shella Kertesz, former President of the ICZ and WIZO Zurich. Thereafter the official statutory items were unanimously accepted.

After a delicious festive luncheon, we had the pleasure to enjoy an excellent concert by a violin duet.

All the speeches showed the importance of the volunteer work within our women’s organisations.