The International Council of Jewish Women, having adopted in 2018 the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition on Antisemitism:

  1. EXPRESSES its deep concern at the exponential rise of Antisemitism throughout the world.
  1. RECOGNIZES that Antisemitism is coming back because it is encouraged to come back. Globally, this poisonous situation is part of a prevailing ideology of separation and racism, with Antisemitism moving from the fringes of society into the mainstream; it is found across all sectors of society – regardless of socio-economic status, educational level, or ethnicity, whether religious or secular.

  2. STRESSES that Anti-Zionism is a potent manifestation of Antisemitism; this systematic delegitimization of Israel, denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, is often expressed through demonization, employing anti-Jewish tropes cloaked as anti-Israel language.

  3. RECOGNIZES that denial and distortion of the Shoah remains a serious threat. It is not just a perversion of history, but is aimed at rehabilitating the genocidal ideology of Nazism, inciting violence against Jews.

  4. WELCOMES the first ever “UN Report on Global Antisemitism” (published 2019), as well as the 8-point “UN Action Plan to Combat Antisemitism” (2022) by Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed, which recommends that the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism be adopted by all United Nations institutions and by all governments. Most importantly, both UN reports adopt a universal Human Rights approach towards Antisemitism.

  5. COMMENDS all individuals and organizations that are actively combatting Antisemitism, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, and URGES international organizations, all governments, as well as civil society, educators and journalists to identify and counter Antisemitism in all its forms.

  6. EXHORTS ITS AFFILIATES AND ALL ITS MEMBERS to fight Antisemitism through education, interfaith and intercultural dialogues as well as political engagement; advocates to hold both the media and online platform providers accountable for misinformation and hateful content. To actively engage in social media campaigns to counter Antisemitism.

  7. ICJW Encourages all its members to share reports and best practices!