#WeRemember on Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

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Dear Friends,

This last year was a difficult one for the Jewish people and other vulnerable communities around the world. Rising antisemitism and the increased spread of Holocaust denial online have led to new threats that demand urgent action.

Encouraging society to reflect on the lessons of the past can ensure that future generations develop the knowledge and skills to effectively confront these challenges. Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day (27 January) take part in the #WeRemember campaign to remind the world of what can happen when hatred is allowed to thrive unchecked.

Why must #WeRemember the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the organized persecution and killing of 6 million Jewish people, alongside other targeted groups, by the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II. Learning about this history, and understanding what led to the greatest tragedy in modern times, can help prevent future genocides and acts of hatred based on religion, ethnicity, or other differences.

With the number of survivors growing fewer with each passing year, it our shared responsibility to preserve the memory of the victims and ensure that the past is never forgotten.

What can you do to ensure that the past is never forgotten?

Between the 20th and 27th of January – in advance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day – you can engage in simple but meaningful acts to bring this critical message to your community:

  • Use the hashtag #WeRemember on social media and share content dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Holocaust.
  • Post your photo of yourself holding a #WeRemember sign to social media. Ask other to do the same.
  • Hold an event in your community featuring the testimony of a Holocaust survivor.
  • Illuminate the past and focus your community’s attention through a public display of remembrance.

Click here to find materials to share with your community or on social media. Additional content will be made available throughout the month of January.

Images of acts of remembrance will be displayed at the site of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in partnership with the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum on the 26th and 27th of January.

Educate the world by taking to social media:

Facebook users who searching for keywords associated with the Holocaust are encouraged to learn more at WJC (weremember.worldjewishcongress.org/) and UNESCO’s website www.aboutholocaust.org. On TikTok, individual posts related to the subject contain a notification encouraging viewers to do the same.

The International Council of Jewish Women is dedicated to keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive. Join us and millions across the globe by raising your voice and shining a light on the dangers of failing to learn from history.

Lilian Grinberg, ICJW President,
January 2023

Comenzamos un nuevo año, y con él, llega una nueva edición de una de las campañas más icónicas de la comunidad judía global: We Remember. Esta iniciativa del Congreso Judío Mundial, hoy se ha convertido en un llamado global por el recuerdo del Holocausto.

Sofia Levy, nuestra Comisionada en el área de Shoá, una vez más liderará los esfuerzos del CJL, trabajando con las comunidades para llevar el mensaje de #WeRemember a cada rincón de nuestra región. Les comparto algunas ideas y sugerencias para ir preparándonos juntos:

Los invitamos a hacer partícipes de la campaña a las principales instituciones de sus comunidades, convocándolas a tomarse fotos o de la forma que mas les guste.

¡Ayúdennos a llegar a más gente! Para ello, los invitamos a convocar a personalidades públicas de sus países pais a sumarse a la campaña #WeRemember (políticos, celebridades, clubes y equipos deportivos, etc.).

Convocamos especialmente a aquellas comunidades en las que aún hayan sobrevivientes de la Shoá a hacerlos voceros de esta campaña, enviando videos, fotos y testimonios.

UNESCO: https://aboutholocaust.org/es