Passports for Life Exhibition

I am pleased to share with you this invitation for the 24th of January, 11 am, at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, for the official opening of the exhibition Passports for Life.  

The UN gracefully agreed to expose in the Palais these precious documents, the Eiss Archives, which will remain there during the whole week of the UN Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27th, till February first, when all will be transferred to Poland. These archives illustrate an unprecedented Holocaust rescue effort, which did save over two thousand lives.

 My family having been amongst those Paraguayan passport holders, issued in Berne during the war by the Polish Consul, Konstanty Rokicki, which indeed saved their lives, and me, being the representative to the UN Geneva of the Non-Governmental Organization: International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW), – the Polish Ambassador kindly requested me to co-host the official opening of the exhibition of the Eiss Archives,  Passports for Life, at the Palais des Nations.

Léonie de Picciotto
International Council of Jewish Women
ICJW Representative to the UN Geneva,

Photos from the Event

Passports for Life Exhibition