The Union of Jewish Women in Croatia is almost the only organization in the Jewish community in Croatia which has resisted and persisted through all deep political, social and economical changes in country and community.

Our members are predominantly from the older generation, but younger women are more present in the leadership of community, and we have excellent cooperation and even organize combined events and research. There is difference between big and small communities and the role of Jewish women in them: in small communities, Jewish women still play a more traditional role.

Our priorities are humanitarian and communal work for improving the social welfare and health of our community. We organize social surveys, lectures about health, about kosher, macrobiotic and healthy vegetarian foods  (with cookery demonstration and tastings), and we organize special gatherings, exercise, walking tours, visits to old age homes, etc.

Jewish women in our community are also very involved in the Jewish education for children and youth (Jewish kindergarten, Jewish schools, seminars, Jewish dance groups, Hebrew language, computer seminar etc). They are engaged in cultural activities such as lectures, reports, films, exhibitions, books, and concerts.

Croatian Jewish women are very engaged in keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust – giving interviews, writing memories, collecting documents, making films, and giving lessons about their experiences during the Holocaust. We have presented our research about “Croatian Jewish Women in the Holocaust” , “Jewish women’s organizations” , “ Refugees” , “Medicine and Mysticism” and ”Sephardim in Croatia” at scientific symposiums.

Croatian Jewish women.jpgAt the last meeting of the Union, newly elected representatives were present from local branches in Zagreb, Osijek, Split and Rijeka. The theme of the meeting was “Unity”, in order to solve recent problems, to support the groups’ humanitarian work, to stimulate volunteering, and to cooperate with other organizations in the former Yugoslavia and worldwide.

We cooperate with all the organizations of Jewish women in the former Yugoslavian state and participate in their seminars (Subotica, Beograd), gatherings (Osijek) visits (Rijeka and Dubrovnik).

You can find information about our publications and news about Jewish women and organizations in Croatia on the website:

President: Melita Švob
Email address: melita.svob(at)
Phone:    385-1- 49 22 692
Address:  10000 Zagreb, Palmotićeva 16, Croatia