Council of Women’s Organizations in Israel

The Council of Women’s Organizations in Israel (the CWOI), founded in 1953, is the umbrella organization which includes the 10 biggest women’s organizations in Israel.

The main issues dealt with by the CWOI are raising awareness and introducing legislation concerning the rights and status of Women and Family, parity in decision-making bodies, enhancement in the field of work and careers, gender equality, and the full participation of women in social, economic and political spheres.

On the communal level, the member organizationsprovide leadership trainings, educational programs, day care centers, technological and residential high schools, homes for children from problematic socio-economic backgrounds, teenage girls’ crisis center, and shelters for battered women.

The five Standing Committees of the CWOI are: Status of Women, Education and Family, Health and Environment, Legislation and Implementation of Resolutions, International Affairs, and Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue. The Standing Committee for Legislation is very active as the “watchdog” of Israeli women’s rights and their presence in decision-making positions.

Collaboration: In order to achieve its objectives, the CWOI works in close cooperation with the Committee for Status of Women in the Israeli Parliament, and with the Authority for the Advancement of Status of Women in the Prime Minister’s Office. We have helped to achieve such legislation as:

  • the law against sexual harassment;
  • ending the exploitation of girls in modeling;
  • policies on incest;
  • laws against trafficking in human beings;
  • equal pay legislation,
  • maternity leave, work and parenthood, and
  • free pre-school education, and more.
On the International level, the CWOI is an affiliated member of the International Council of Women (ICW- CIF), the European Committee of the International Council of Women (ECICW), and the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW).