Uniting Voices for Peace

ICJW President Lilian Grinberg attended an interfaith event in Mexico City on Wednesday March 20, called “Uniting Voices for Peace” at which religious leaders united to pray for the Jewish people, for peace for Israel, and for Mexico.

In a gesture of unity and solidarity, the Central Committee of the Jewish Community of Mexico organized an interreligious meeting at the Bosques headquarters of the Bet-El Community, in which different ministers from various churches gathered to offer a joint prayer and ask for peace in the world.

The event brought together religious leaders of different faiths, representing the Catholic Church. The ceremony, marked by moments of reflection and prayer on behalf of each spiritual tradition, highlighted the urgency of peace, reconciliation and mutual respect.

One of the most significant moments was the lighting of a Hanukkiah, where each religion represented illuminated a candle, symbolizing hope for a peaceful future. The opening of the Aron Hakodesh, followed by the blowing of the shofar, in addition to Gregorian chants and prayers, added spiritual depth to the gathering. At the end of the interfaith prayers, attendees sang Hallelujah and enjoyed a moment of camaraderie, strengthening ties between communities and fostering solidarity.

This event was an inspiring testimony to the transformative power of interfaith dialogue and collaboration in promoting peace and harmony in our society. Lilian said: “It was a very emotional ceremony in which, regardless of religion, we all came together for the same purpose.”