Reflections on Yom HaShoah

On this day of Yom Hashoah, we solemnly stop to remember and honor the millions of lives lost during the Holocaust, a dark and inhuman chapter in history. We remember those who were victims of the most atrocious intolerance, hatred, and barbarism, as well as the acts of courage and humanity that emerged, from the […]

Creating Joy in Times of Crisis

Uplifting the Transparent  Victims: This Purim, we must not forget the thousands of Israelis displaced from their homes and living in hotels across the country. Prof. Zehavit Gross, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Chairholder, UNESCO Chair for Values Education, Tolerance & Peace,  Bar-Ilan University, Israel From the war that began on October 7, […]

Remembering the Shoah with Evelyn Askolovitch

In 2022, Léonie de Picciotto interviewed her friend and ICJW colleague Evelyn Askolovitch about her survival story and her personal take on combatting antisemitism. An edited version was included in the ICJW Newsletter in 2022, but here we reproduce the entire interview. My dear friend Evelyn, we have known each other practically forever; your parents, […]

Commemorating the 85th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

Judy Mintz and Joan Lurie Goldberg report on a commemorative event on November 9, 2023, hosted by the Touro University Hans Goldschmidt Institute for Human Rights and The Holocaust. This annual event, chaired by Professor Anne Bayefsky, began with a reminder of why during this most critical time since October 7th we must also remember […]

La Pregunta Judía – The Jewish Question

English translation follows this Spanish article by Adina Chelminsky. ¿Será momento de preguntarnos si la respuesta, en las calles del mundo, ante lo ocurrido en Israel Y Palestina tiene un toque de antisemitismo? La semana pasada me marcó mi hijo que estudia fuera de México. Se me hizo raro porque es bastante independiente pero me […]

New Year Message from President Lilian

Este mensaje aparece a continuación en español. Dear Affiliates, On this very special occasion of Rosh Hashanah, I want to take a moment to reflect on the journey we have traveled together as a united team in service to others. Over this past year, we have faced challenges and celebrated achievements, and every step of […]

Passover Greeting from the President

Passover is the quintessential family celebration in Judaism. We remember the liberation of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt, that is, the creation of the people of Israel, the formation of a people as such.”   In the weeks leading up to Passover there is an important movement in any Jewish house, we clean, tidy, […]

International Agunah Day 2023

International Agunah Day is traditionally commemorated on Ta’anit Esther, the Fast of Esther, the day before Purim. This year, considering the current situation in Israel vis a vis the impending changes to the judiciary, we must be especially mindful of the plight of Agunot. It appears that the Beth Din in Israel will gain increased […]

Historic WJC Meeting in Rome

Sara Winkowski reports that the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress gathered in Rome on November 21-22, 2022, for a unique and milestone meeting with the Vatican. Version en español en la parte inferior. Nostra Aetate dismantled the collective accusation of Deicide against the Jewish people, recognized the Jewish origins of the fathers of […]