Historic WJC Meeting in Rome

Sara Winkowski reports that the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress gathered in Rome on November 21-22, 2022, for a unique and milestone meeting with the Vatican. The meeting began on Monday evening at the historic Great Synagogue of Rome built in 1904, which is also includes the city´s Jewish Museum. Here you can […]

Ageing and the Rights of Older Women

President Lilian Grinberg has announced that the International Council of Jewish Women will be establishing a new ad-hoc committee on ageing. The topics of ageing and the rights of older women were discussed at the ICJW Executive Meeting in Washington D.C. in November 2022. One of the many interesting speakers who addressed us was Silvia […]

The Impact of COVID on Women

The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe and the FCEM (Femmes Chefs D’Entreprises Mondiales) have published a report on the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of women around the world, including proposed solutions and policy action suggestions. The Covid-19 pandemic has had strong effects on the whole society, most severely […]

ICJW Statement on Iran:

The International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW), representing Jewish women in 33 countries, stands in solidarity with women’s rights defenders and the women of Iran, who face outrageous attacks for not complying with the country’s strict laws concerning women’s dress. Torture and ill treatment until death is unfortunately still used as a means of power […]

International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference

The National Council of Jewish Women of Canada was invited to participate in the 19th Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference organized online by The University of Toledo’s Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute and the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition, from September 21-23, 2022.  The NCJWC Human Trafficking Committee was established by the […]

ICJW Focuses on Ageing

At the ICJW Convention in Jerusalem in May 2022, a unanimous resolution was passed on ageing, with a focus on older women. The resolution noted that a human rights approach to support the protection of older people, especially women, was necessary, and encouraged the ICJW representatives at the UN to continue supporting a Convention on […]

Canadian Meeting to Discuss Antisemitism

Debbie Wasserman, President of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada (NCJWC), was invited to join a roundtable discussion about antisemitism with Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly. She reports: “On Thursday, August 11, 2022, I was honoured to be invited by our member of parliament,  Ya-ara Saks, to a roundtable discussion with Canada’s […]

Latin American Forum to Combat Antisemitism

Dr. Mirta Goldstein, Vice President of ICJW, attended the Latin American Forum to Combat Antisemitism in July 2022 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is her report.(Click here for Spanish version) In a pluralistic, international and friendly environment, I had the privilege of representing the International Council of Jewish Women and the Network of Argentine Jewish […]

Meet our New President

On May 25, 2022, Lilian Grinberg from Mexico was inaugurated as the President of the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) for the next 4 years. Lilian Grinberg currently heads ICJW’s Mexico affiliate “Voluntarias Judeo Mexicanas” (VJM) and coordinates ICJW’s seven affiliates in Latin America. Lilian was born in Mexico City as the youngest of […]