Antisemitism Resources

Antisemitism, and other forms of racism, continue to be a scourge throughout much of the world. As a Jewish organisation, ICJW abhors all forms of racism and bigotry, but have a particular interest in antisemitism.

However, in order to fight antisemitism, we need to understand what it is, how it manifests, what is happening in various countries and continents, what is being done and what can be done to counter it.

This section of the website aims to provide information and resources to assist in educating us about antisemitism, through the following five categories:

1. About Antisemitism

What is antisemitism? How is it defined? What is its history? Read an account of the events of Kristallnacht in English and in Spanish.

2. Reports on Antisemitism

Official reports and studies on antisemitism, by academics, researchers, organisations, and institutes.

3. Articles on Antisemitism and other forms of Racism

This section includes a variety of articles on antisemitism and other forms of racism.

4. Shoah Remembrance

Shoah remembrance is important in order to educate people about what occurred during the Holocaust and to act as a counter to racism and genocide. Relevant organisations involved in Shoah Remembrance are listed here.

5. Antisemitism and Israel

Is criticism of, or opposition to, Zionism and Israel antisemitic? How to distinguish between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitic criticism of Israel – read what some experts say.

What is BDS? Is it antisemitic? Read some articles explaining what BDS is and exposing the antisemitism within the BDS campaign.

Unless otherwise indicated, the materials in these pages were written by Julie Nathan, Research Director, Executive Council of Australian Jewry and Chair of the ICJW Antisemitism and Racism Committee.