We, the Executive Committee of the International Council of Jewish Women, representing 34 affiliates worldwide, meeting in Panama City in November 2023, strongly condemn the unprecedented torture and  massacre of innocent civilians, including children and babies, and the systematic use of gender-based violence against women in Israel perpetrated by the Hamas terrorist organization on October 7, 2023.

We are shocked and horrified by the eye witness testimony of survivors of gang rape, brutal torture, genital mutilation, burning of live victims, beheading of babies, and murder of hundreds of women and girls that took place on October 7th. We are particularly concerned for the safety of the hostages who have been taken to Gaza by the Hamas terrorist organization, entire families, young girls, babies, men and women of all ages.  The taking of civilian hostages constitutes a war crime and a crime against humanity.

We are appalled, and disappointed that UN Women, nor any of the international or national women’s organizations, whether or not accredited at the UN and other UN committees on the rights of women, have been silent in condemning the atrocities of October 7th.

We hereby call on all international human rights organizations, international women’s organizations and governments to join ICJW and demand that the Hamas terrorist organization be held responsible.

We demand that all hostages and nationals of over 30 countries be released immediately and returned to their families.