Activities in Cuba

Marlen Prinstein, chair of the Asociación Femenina Hebrea de Cuba, reports that they are holding regular quarterly meetings, bringing together women from all the synagogues in Havana to provide them with news about Israel, which is not generally accessible in Cuba, and having discussions on issues of importance to women, including the relevance of women in Judaism. Their activities include workshops, videos and lectures by special guests.

Every month, the women of the Association bake 100 fresh Challah loaves for the community, so that every family can enjoy traditional bread on their Shabbat table at least once each month. Every month, the women of the affiliate run a beauty salon in one of the local synagogues, giving free hairdressing services and social support to their members of their community who cannot afford to pay for these services.

In order to generate income to finance their services and also to donate funds to members who are struggling with illness or financial difficulties, they run a craft workshop and give sewing classes.