Remembering the Hostages: Day 100

ICJW’s affiliate in Israel, the Council of Women’s Organizations (CWOI) held an event on  Sunday 14 January to mark 100 days of the war against Hamas, and 100 days that 136 hostages remain in Hamas captivity.

The event marked 100 days since women, men, the elderly and children were kidnapped by Hamas. After 100 days there are 136 hostages still in Gaza.

Crowds came to the square in Tel Aviv known as “Hostages Square” to meet with the anxious families of the kidnapped. One of the visitors said: “People stopped their lives, in the middle of a working day. But it should be like this every day, not just on the 100th day.”

Representatives of the Council of Women’s Organizations in Israel gathered to support the families of the hostages. They held an emotional ceremony together with several representatives of the families of the hostages, to show their support on behalf of the women’s organizations in Israel.

CWOI 100 Days event
Representatives of the Council of Women’s Organizations in Israel

Their relatives and friends can’t sleep. An entire nation is in complete darkness and ignorance. Are they being fed? Are they being hurt? Do they have a place to sleep? Are their injuries being treated? Do they see daylight?

One hundred days of not knowing, of fear and pain. A hundred days in which life here continues, barely, but their lives have stopped. A hundred days is too much and there is no more time. We must Bring Them All Home Now!!!