ICJW Greece

ICJW Greece is based in Athens. Their chair is Efti Simha, who represents ICJW at the United Nations in Geneva, and their president is Augustine Almyroudi.

Their goal is to establish a Jewish community center known as “Mind Space” in Athens where people of all ages can meet, work and study.  They also plan to run a book club to study books in English or Greek related to Jewish subjects, including translations of Israeli books. Another plan is to establish internships for young people in the different professions, to help them work out what careers they are suited for.

Our friends in Athens are keen to welcome ICJW members to visit their city, where they hope to offer historic city tours with a Jewish flavour, covering the history of the Sephardic Greek Jewish community and also the unique heritage of the Romanioti Jews. Feel free to contact the affiliate via the ICJW office if you are planning a visit to Greece.

ICJW European Regional Conference, November 2019

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