Consejo Espanol de Mujeres Israelitas (CEMI)

CEMI is based in the Spanish capital Madrid and has 150 members. They have met regularly every Tuesday for the past 36 years for a program of cultural activities that attracts an average of 30 to 40 women.

CEMI supports their local Jewish school, Centro de Estudios Ibn Gabirol, which has approximately 300 students, funding a full-year scholarship and several summer camp allowances.

For the past 30 years, CEMI has raised money for the Children’s Cancer Department of the Beilinson Hospital in Israel, as well as other Associations such as Zichron Menachem, Akim, Misha, and others. They also participate in donations for Ezra, Pesaj, the Mitsvaton, and other charities. Most of CEMI’s members are also members of Keren Hayesod and WIZO.

Contact: Eva Benatar
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