ICJW 2018 Resolutions

The International Council of Jewish Women, assembled in Sydney, Australia, at its Quadrennial Convention in May 2018, passed five resolutions about current events that are of concern to their members around the world.

  1. Sustainable Development Goals

ICJW reaffirms its support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly as they pertain to women’s rights to education, safety and economic equality, in regard to determining what happens to their own bodies, recognising women’s roles in sustainability, accessing healthcare and women’s rights to live in safety.

  1. Palestinian Text Books

ICJW affirms its support for the Caucus of Jewish Non-Government Organisations in New York which is working to modify the educational materials used in Palestinian schools. The education of Palestinian children using UNRWA text books which vilify Jews, encourage students to kill Jews and drive them into the sea, and deny the existence of the state of Israel is one of the most serious obstacles to peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Click here to read more about the UNRWA Textbooks issue.

  1. Polish Holocaust Denial

ICJW firmly opposes Polish government legislation that penalises claims that Poland or Polish citizens bear responsibility for any Holocaust crimes.

  1. B.D.S. Movement

ICJW condemns the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement as anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. As such ICJW joins the many governments and other organisations condemning it.

  1. Irish Abortion Referendum

ICJW recognises and welcomes the result of the significant referendum in Ireland giving women the right to control their reproductive health.