Protecting the Rights of Older Persons

On the UN International Day of Older Persons, 1 October 2018, the UN Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, paid tribute to all those human rights advocates and heroes of everyday life for their passionate struggle to bring about change in the lives of older people. She made the following statement:


“In the midst of a demographic revolution, the work of older human rights champions is more important than ever. We all are duty bound to ensure that future generations – our children and grandchildren – as they grow older, are seen as valuable contributors to society. Young people, those in positions of power today, need to realise that they too will age. It is for them to shape older people’s reality and the future they want. They need to champion this change if they want to escape ageism, discrimination and the denial of human rights in older age.

I pay tribute to all human rights champions, old and young, who tirelessly and passionately stand up for human rights. They insist that untenable conditions be addressed with the proper mix of measures and interventions, in law and in practice, to empower older persons and spur their participation. This is evidence for hope. We need to continue and redouble these efforts.

The future I want includes older people as integral parts of society; older persons actively participating in the formulation and implementation of policies that directly affect their well-being; sharing their knowledge and skills with younger generations; older persons enjoying all their human rights.

To make this a reality, I call on States to step up their efforts to strengthen the protection of the human rights of older people. While it is for them to determine the best way in doing so, I call on them to consider the various proposals that have been made, including the elaboration of a dedicated instrument on the rights of older persons.”