The League of Jewish Women

In the UK, the League of Jewish Women (LJW) is a voluntary service organisation working for the Jewish and non Jewish communities. 2018 is our 75th Anniversary.

We are non political and non fund raising. We have local groups all over London and also in Manchester, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Leicester and Glasgow. Members work in Day Centres, Hospitals, Residential Homes, Schools, Refugee Centres and Prisons.

We also provide a Counselling Service and in London and Manchester, including a very popular project where we offer women who have have lost their hair,usually through chemotherapy, how to tie scarves to look elegant. Some members provide Hand Care to residents and staff at Residential Homes and some knit items for premature babies and those with dementia (Twiddlemuffs).

As added value for our members we provide Seminars on Health,Social Issues, Human Rights and Welfare and our LeagueArtz committee provides the opportunity to attend concerts, the theatre, exhibitions and places of interest.

Contact  president(at)

Address: ORT House
126 Albert Street
London NW1 7NE
Phone  020 7242 8300