ICJW Focuses on Ageing

At the ICJW Convention in Jerusalem in May 2022, a unanimous resolution was passed on ageing, with a focus on older women.

The resolution noted that a human rights approach to support the protection of older people, especially women, was necessary, and encouraged the ICJW representatives at the UN to continue supporting a Convention on the Rights of Older People.

It recognised that older people, especially women, suffered under ageism which compromised their participation in society, were confronted with uncomfortable issues of gender, age and disabilities, and needed added protection against violence, abuse and neglect.

It then advised ICJW affiliates globally to continue as an anti-discrimination organisation and develop programmes dealing with the human rights, dignity and concerns of older people, especially women.

It also urged affiliates to plan appropriate programmes around the messages of the International Day of Older Persons (1 October) and the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021 – 2030),

It is important to recognise that in general, families approach the issue of ageing different approaches of family to old men and old women. Old men tended to receive good care and attention, but old women were deemed to be self sufficient and ignored as they aged.  Hence the obligation for the ICJW to profile the needs of older women across all the affiliates.

Click here to download the full text of the ICJW Resolution on Ageing.