Message from Robyn Lenn OAM, Chair of the ICJW Status of Women Committee 

March 8 is a date which should be known by every woman in every country! It is important to you, to all women, and to our organisations. It is the date on which International Women’s Day has been celebrated all over the world since 1911.

While we join in celebrating the achievements of women on this special day, we must also continue to work towards the needs of women, namely gender parity and the upgrading of women’s empowerment. 

International Women’s Day is our annual reminder that more than half the world’s population is female. A day which purports to celebrate women must also remind us of the essential contribution made by women in bearing and rearing children. The undervaluing of women and girls belittles their importance in maintaining human life as we know it.

Each of us, from all the global regions of ICJW, have been watching with concern the insecure position of women today. In too many countries we see the lessening of personal security, the burgeoning physical attacks on women , the withdrawal of women’s rights and the growing fear as hard-won female lifestyles are eroded. We cannot ignore the need for us all to push against the diminishing of women’s rights, equality and security.

While we, as members of a strong educated International Jewish Women’s organisation, observe and celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, let us use our capacities to contribute in every possible way to upgrading the lives of women and girls globally. 

Based in Australia, the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) is one of many organisations working to inform and educate globally with International Women’s Day Resources. Fact sheets and social media tiles are available on their website.