The theme of World Environment Day 2019 on Wednesday,  June 5, 2019,  is Beat Air Pollution. The official celebrations will take place in China, which has been chosen as the host country.

Air pollution is a grave health risk and has many causes – exhaust fumes in crowded cities are among the worst pollutants, affecting all countries to some extent. The citizens of developing countries where cooking is done over open fires using wood, coal or dung as fuel have poor health outcomes because of the resulting air pollution. 

China has developed an Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control as a first step in tackling its air pollution problems. Other countries can also take action to eliminate air pollution as much as possible by banning coal and other fossil fuels and replacing them with clean energy sources such as wind and solar.

Clean air is a human right, yet much remains to be done to ensure a healthy environment for all.

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